Memory Foam

Memory Foam, Steps Before You Buy

If you are dreaming of the perfect night’s sleep, then memory foam is the way to go. It will gradually sculpt around your body shape, holding you in a comfortable position throughout the night. Before…

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Interesting Facts about Juicing

Interesting Facts about Juicing

We are all trying to look after ourselves a little better. The media is often reporting how toxic our lives can be and the fact that most of us do not take in enough portions…

Cleaning My Carpet

Cleaning My Carpet at Home, Gosh!

I purchased my first home three years ago. It took me longer than most to finally reach that goal, because I am a single mother of three. I have two daughters, ages 10 and 9….

Ninja Blenderr Review

Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender Review

I like a product that is solid and sturdy, always have done. It doesn’t matter to me about the latest cutting edge technology as long as the product is built to last. My old blender…


How to Simplify your Life with an Air Compressor

If you are a DIY enthusiast, i.e. doing your own car maintenance, spray painting, sandblasting or deep cleaning then you may be thinking of using an air compressor. Tools being the operative word when it…


What To Know & Do When Your Baby Has Fever

Fever can be quite dangerous in babies. It never occurs out of nowhere. Instead, it represents a natural reaction of the body in the attempt to fight an infection. It is a symptom – an alarm….