The Importance of Biker Basics

Motorbikes are exhilarating to ride. There is just something about them that makes anyone feel the adrenaline rush the moment they step on a bike. From dirt bikes to Harley Davidson, the passion for riding…


The Things A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Can Do

While the robot of science fictions flicks haven’t quite hit the big stage of our world yet, we’re making steady progress in getting there. You won’t find Terminators for sale anytime soon, but why not…


Health Benefits of a Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is designed so you can sit lower to the ground while your legs are in front of you, instead of sitting up with your legs under you. There are similar health benefits…

Truck parking

So you want to drive your own HGV?

Most HGV drivers don’t start out with the aim of working for themselves, or ‘going freelance’. They usually go through their training, sometimes self-funded, sometimes sponsored, and then go on to employment. For a long…


How Does an Electric Sewing Machine Work?

An electrical sewing machine also has mechanical parts, when you pedal you are pumping power to the mechanical parts. The needle goes into the fabric and passes through a hole in the needle plate taking…


New to giving presentations?

The good news for people who are faced with making a presentation for the first time, is that in almost all situations, people are interested in the content of your presentation rather than the delivery….


What To Know & Do When Your Baby Has Fever

Fever can be quite dangerous in babies. It never occurs out of nowhere. Instead, it represents a natural reaction of the body in the attempt to fight an infection. It is a symptom – an alarm….